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Church Re-Roofing

13 November, 2015 - 15:00

It's easy to for what the church looked liked before and during our re-roofing during 2015. We've captured a number of pictures as the work progressed and some of them, plus a summary of the work, are recorded here. The first picture show the church before we started and the next two show it nearly complete (this afternoon).

The specification for re-roofing to replace the 135 year old tiles, insulate the roof (in the process raising it by 100mm) and felt it was drawn up by our church architect Mark Evans and he has overseen the tendering, works and completion. The contract to re-roof the church (nave, chancel & counting house) was let with DA Cook Builders (Ltd) to undertake the re-roofing and insulation works as per their tender.  

Work on installing the scaffolding commenced during the week beginning the 10th August. We then had a week where the Church was not available as we were hosting our annual Holiday at Home event (see separate set of photographs in our gallery).  There then followed several days of bad weather. The net result was that work stripping the roof of existing roof tiles did not get under way until the 1st September and for the first week was seriously interrupted by showers  - for each of which the tarpaulins have to be put in place (no easy or simple job) and work stopped until everything has dried out and the tarpaulins removed.

During the latter half and September and October, the weather was generally favourable and good progress was made. All the roof timbers have been found to be in good condition, but the tiles and batons that they fixed to were in a poor state and would have caused us real problems in a couple of years (if we had not done the work). So we got it just about right to re-roof. Despite the disruption to the Church Centre and the effort of weekly clearing and resetting up the church, we are already feeling the benefits of the insulation in the church.

In early November we engaged Will Jones to refurbish the clock on the west face of the church as this was in a poor state. This included repainting the face and gold leafing the numerals and hands so that it should look good for several decades to come. We even managed to get one of our Wardens Barry (does not do heights) up the scaffolding to look at the work!

All of the work has now been completed and the scaffolding removed - on schedule and below budget (primarily as we did not need to use any of the contingency funds as the roof timbers were in good order). 

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