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Mens Farm Visit

4 July, 2015 - 15:00

Farm visit for Men
On a Saturday in July, nineteen men took advantage of Michael and Helen’s offer to visit their farm near Guarlford. The focus was on the farm machinery and technology involved throughout the farming year. We were able to look at the various machines that make it possible to run the farm with far fewer people than were necessary a few decades ago. In particular the use of GPS can control the position of the combine or the tractor to within a few centimetres when moving across a field.

The highlight was driving one of the huge tractors around a field. Yes, we were like ‘provisional’ drivers with an expert in the cab with us, but that was necessary and reassuring!

It was an excellent few hours where we learned a lot and had an opportunity to chat in a different environment. Thank you Michael, Helen, Martin and those who cooked the BBQ food and provided the drinks.

Paul H