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Sermon 25th September 2016

Barry Austin
Sunday, 25 September, 2016 - 10:30

Harvest - Come and give thanks

You can download a PDF handout of Barry sermon slides from the 10:30 service by clicking here.

The service also reviewed the work of our two recent Mission Partners Maesai Grace Church and the Ukraine Mission Partnership. You can download a PDF handout of these presentations by clicking here. In addition you can watch ‘Amaro Del’ the gypsy praise band, in the camp at Mukachevo on YouTube by clicking here (or the QR code is available here).   

Finally in the service two new Mission Partners were introduced - The Bridge and Malvern Youth Link (Katie Fisher) - and Christie Hornby is off to France for year (partially supported by St Andrew's). You can:

At the earlier 8:45 service, Heather Williamson gave a fuller sermon. You can read the full text Heather's sermon as a PDF file by clicking here.