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All Saints and St Andrew's have a joint:

  • Safeguarding Team (that meets roughly termly) comprising:

Pam Davis (Chair), Dave Bruce (Rector), Sarah Yeadon (Administrator), Bob Gibson (Safeguarding Officer), Helen Attree (Young People & Families Leader), Derek Barnes (Policies & Procedures), Vanessa Everitt (Church Warden All Saints), Nick Fane (Church Warden St Andrew's), Jean Williams

If you have any concerns or need to talk to any one please contact the Safeguarding Officer or the Rector.

For background information, core information regarding Safeguarding in the Diocese of Worcester can be found on the diocesan website along with contact details for their Safeguarding team.

The All Saints and St Andrew's Safeguarding Team have developed a number of local procedures and more are in the pipeline. The first few of these have been approved by the Parochial Church Councils of both churches are are:

  1. Procedure for a new Youth Leader v1
  2. Procedure for working with Vulnerable Adults v1
  3. Procedure for working with Vulnerable Adults at the Octagon v1
  4. Procedure for responding to Domestic Abuse v1

Each procedure can be downloaded as PDF file by clicking on the links above.
Note: With the recent introduction of the on-line Disclosure applications in the Diocese, the procedures are currently being updated to reflect this change.